Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sailing Anarchy ROCKS!!

Another front page appearance by Carbon Offset....YEAH!!


Thanks SA for the exposure....Buy the Plans, Build the Boat!!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sailing Feb 5, 2011... OR ....Self-Rightous

The weather was so nice I (amost) feel guilty. Gusty winds from the north, probably pushing 20 knots at times, then dialing back to 5+ then puffing hard again....very technical but a GREAT way to get a feel for how the boat responds. The killer part was it was sunny and in the upper 70's....oh YEAH!!!!!

This is only my second outing where I saw any wind and both times have been 2 up....this boat will FLY w/ three guys on the rail. Had the keel humming nicely on a few reaches. John P (who helped out a TON on the build) was w/ me.

Here is a short video of 2 sail reaching:

We tried to launch the spinnaker at one point, shrimped it pretty badly, and decided that as the wind was blowing across the channel, there just wasn't room to run off to hoist it.

Here is a video of the self righting test.....it works!!

And here is the money shot of the day......BLISS!!!!