Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sailing w/ Gordon....

Had a beautiful sail Memorial Day weekend.

Here is the course we took and the speed data.....

Gotta like hitting 10 knots when it wasn't blowing more than 15! (More like 10-13....NO whitecaps).

And here is a link to some video:

(Pardon the skip in the soundtrack.....)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vallejo race......

Got the keel working (Gougeon ROCKS!!) and sailed the Vallejo Race.

Went to the right off the start looking for pressure and current relief....thought we had it dialed but as the wind peetered out towards Richmond it looked like the rest of the fleet was getting lifted out in the Bay. Consolidated after a few good tacks and found ourselves in the mix w/ boats from the earlier starts! Then started the tacking spiral from hell.....we were near the Richmond long wharf and although we were moving through the water well we were losing ground over all against a strong ebb. Watched one boat after another kick on their engine and drop out.....finally threw in the towel about 4 pm and had a lovely sail back to Berkely. Bummer, but we were in solid company as a majority of boats in the 250 plus fleet also DNF'd.....all we need is wind!!