Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Bridge Fiasco recap

We came. we saw, we sailed.....we didn't finish (along w/ 2/3's of the fleet).

The boat sails great..the outboard let me down. Even though we were over an hour late to the start we caught up w/ the fleet and sailed through...until the wind died all together.

Here is a short video from the delivery back to Sausalito

Here is a pic of me and the boys in our hotel in SF this weekend.....what a way to spend one's Anniversary Weekend (YES, our 11th Anniversary.....and Molly says, "Sure, go sail boat racing!"....God, I love my wife!!)
And here is the boat back at home this evenning.


  1. Seems like you had an awesome weekend: kids, wife, sailing....Yeah !

  2. Terrific to see video of your pride and joy sailing, very nice Ben. Pretty cool family you have too!

  3. Boat looks nice. Check out this article on Pressure drop with lots of photos. Didn't check them all but maybe your in one!

  4. Great job! Way to make us US sailors proud!

  5. Super Nice Job. Seems like this years 3BF was tough for a lot of boats this year. Hope to see you out on the Bay.

  6. Ben,

    what's the diameter of your boom tubing ? it is just round tube ?


  7. Ben -

    It was a blast sailing with you last weekend! I feel privileged. The boat sails wonderfully, and looks great. Now just get the bloody outboard working!! :-)