Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Project........

Hello again. Been some time since the last post.
Mostly we were gone cruising for the last 2 years.....see

We are back in a cool house, kids are back in school, we are working, and I have a new garage project to keep me out of trouble in the evenings. I am going to build a carbon fiber road bike.

There are lots of internet resources and I have a couple of buddies helping w/ input etc.

Pictures tell the story:

I wanted to just re-tune my vacuum bagging set-up and skills......decided to try a quickie airfoil out of pink foam:

Unfortunately I forgot that polyester resin eats this stuff:

Attempt #2 was no better:

Tonight I got my hands on some EPOXY resin.  Here are the shapes I am trying to laminate and tonight's set up:

And now I wait for tomorrow to open this:

Wish me luck!

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